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Cable Management Racks

Connectivity Products Overview
Cables, Adapters, Cards, Installation Parts, Audio/Video, New Computer Products

With thousands of selections, our company can be your Source for a large diversity of computer hardware products, which are innovative, stylish, and made with high quality components. We have low prices for audio/video, network and computer hardware products and accessories, such as computer cards, networking cables adapters, converters, and extenders, KVM products, USB and Firewire products, multimedia and audio-video, remote power protection products, computer cleaning products, internet video surveillance systems, external drive housings, and cabling tools and testers. As the distributor for North America, South America, and Central America, we offer great opportunities and wholesale deals to dealers, resellers and corporate end-users.

Please see below the categories we offer.

Category: Computer Cards

Wireless computer card/ computer wifi card/ wireless pc card: Wireless LAN PCI Cards, Wireless LAN Cardbus Cards, PCMCIA/Cardbus cardsNetworking Cards, Gigabit Ethernet LANs: computer network card, internet computer card/ computer ethernet card/ computer nic cards
Bluetooth Computer Card: USB Class 1 Bluetooth Adapter, connects your Bluetooth mobile phone, PDA or other Bluetooth network device via your USB port!
Serial Cards: PCI Computer Cards, ISA Cards, SATA Cards, Hard Drive Caddies
Parallel Cards: ISA Cards, PCI Computer Cards, Hard Drive Caddies
Combo Serial RS-232 / Parallel Cards
USB Cards
FireWire Cards
Combo USB + FireWire Cards
IDE / ATA / SATA Cards
Computer Diagnostic Cards: PCI (32 Bit) POST Code Diagnostic Card
Adapter Cards: PCMCIA/Cardbus, eSATA Adapter Cards, SATA Adapter Cards, Wireless Adapter Cards

Category: Copper & Fiber Optic Cables & LAN Hardware

Patch Cables
UTP Category 5e Cables, UTP Category 6 Cables, FTP Category 5e Cables, FTP Halogen Free Cables, Fibre Optic 50/125 Ám Cables, Fibre Optic 62.5/125 Ám Cables, EAD / scEAD Cables
Network Cables (Bulk)
Connectors & Adapters
RJ-45 Connectors, RJ-45 Boots, Network Line Doubler, Couplers, Modular Adapters (Ser./RJ-45), BNC Connectors & Adapters
IP Surveillance / Remote Power Switching
Wall Plates
Network Hubs, Switches & Routers
Media Converters / Transceivers
WLAN & Bluetooth
Print Servers

Category: KVM Cables, Switches & Extenders
Multi-Platform Converter Cables: Mac & Sun to PS2
KVM Cables: PS/2 Extension, PS/2 & SUN, For KVM Switch Classic 8, USB
KVM Switches (Listed by No. of Ports): 1 user > 2 PCs, 1 user > 4 PCs, 1 user > 8 PCs, 1 user > 16 PCs, 2 users > 8 PCs, 2 users > 16 PCs, 4 users > 16 PCs, 4 users > 24 PCs
KVM Switches (Listed by Connection Type): PS/2 & VGA, USB & VGA, USB & DVI, SUN & VGA, PS/2 & DVI, IP KVM Switches
LCD Consoles
Console & Video Switches: 2 to 1 Console Switch
KVM Extenders
KVm Extenders (Listed By Features): KVM Over IP, PS/2 KVM, PS/2 KVM & Audio, USB KVM, Video Only, USB Only, FireWire Only
Manual KVM Switches
Power Supplies
KVM Accessories: Rackmount Kits and Chassis, Blanking Plates, Power Distribution Units
Remote Management: IPower, IP Access, Remote Control

Category: Sharing, Converting, Extending
Automatic Switches: Parallel Switch, Bi-Directional Parallel Switch
Manual Switches: 1:2 Serial Switch
Parallel & Serial Extenders, Converters: USB to Serial Converter, USB to Parallel Converter, Serial Line Driver, RS-232 to RS-485/RS-422 Bi -Directional Converter
USB Extenders & Converters
Video Splitters & Extenders: VGA Splitters, DVI Splitters, HDMI Splitters, Optical Extenders
VGA/TV Converters
KVM Extenders

Category: Input Devices
USB Numeric PC Keypads with 2 Port Hubs
PS/2 Computer Keyboards
Optical Mice, Mouse Pads With Gel Wrist Rest
CCD USB Barcode Scanners, CCD PS/2 Barcode Scanners

Category: USB & FireWire
USB Hubs
USB Drive Housings
USB Flash Drives
USB Data Cables
USB Switches & Sharers
USB Converters & Extenders
USB Wireless
USB Docking Stations
USB Card Readers, & Multimedia
USB Input Devices
USB Cards
USB Light, Fan & Security Locks
USB Cables: Type A to B, Type A to Mini-B, Type Mini-A to Type B USB OTG Cables, Type Mini-A to Mini-B OTG, Extension, Digital Camera, Other USB Cables
IEEE 1394 FireWire Peripherals
IEEE 1394 FireWire Hubs
IEEE 1394 FireWire Cards
IEEE 1394 FireWire Cables: 4 Pin to 6 Pin Firewire Cables, 6 Pin to 6 Pin Firewire Cables, 4 Pin to 4 Pin Firewire Cables, 9 Pin Beta to 9 Pin Beta (FireWire 800) Firewire Cables, 6 Pin to 9 Pin Bilingual (FireWire 800) Firewire Cables, 4 Pin to 9 Pin Bilingual (FireWire 800) Firewire Cables, Repeater/ Firewire Extension Cables

Category: Audio/Video
Audio Cables: Phono, CD-ROM/DVD, 3.5mm, Audio Extension Cables
Optical Audio (SPDIF): Premium Gold TosLink, TosLink, TosLink to Mini Optical, Mini Optical
Composite cables & Component Video Cables: Composite Video + Stereo Audio, Component / RGB Cables, Phono to Phono Cables
S-Video Cables: 75Ohm Cables, SVideo Cables
SCART Cables: 'all pins wired' SCART to SCART cables with full support for higher quality RGB SCART
DVI Cables: DVI-D (Up to 10m), DVI-D Super Long Distance (Up to 25m), DVI-I (Up to 5m), HDMI to DVI, DVI to VGA, DVI Couplers & Port Savers
HDMI Cables: Premium Gold HDMI, HDMI, HDMI to DVI, HDMI Couplers & Port Savers
VGA Cables: VGA, Premium S-VGA, Premium Gold S-VGA
Camcorder Cables: FireWire (also known as DV and i.Link), USB, S-Video and Mini HDMI types

Category: Hardware Installation & Security
Drive Enclosures: USB, FireWire, SATA, SCSI, NAS
Drive Caddies & RAID: IDE / ATA, SATA, SCSI
Drive Brackets
CD, DVD & Floppy Drives
Screws, Nuts, Installation Hardware
Case Modding: Computer Fans & Cooling, Accessories, Illuminated Cables
Fans & CPU Heatsinks
Security: Cables & Locks, Network Security
Rackmount Server Cases

Category: Remote Power Control
Remote Power Switching: IPower Switches & Control
Power Cables
Power Supplies: Redundant Power Supplies, Adapter cables
Extension Strips
Travel Adapters: Multi-Country Power Adapter Kits, Universal Kits
Batteries & Chargers: USB Car Chargers

Category: Office & Portability
Cleaning Products: LCD / Plasma / Monitor, Keyboard, DVD / CD, General Purpose
Storage Media
Laptop/ Notebook Bags & Cases
Laptop/ Notebook Accessories: USB Lights & Fans, Mini Hubs, Telephone Adapter Kits for Travel, USB Docking Stations, Retractable Cables, etc.
Wallets for 2.5" HDD Cases
CD/DVD Cases & Wallets for up to 128 Discs
Accessories for iPod: USB Car Chargers, USB Multi-Country Travel Adapter Kits
Cable Ties & Clips
Stands & Brackets
Batteries & Chargers
Health & Safety: Mouse pads with Gel Wrist Rests

Category: Cables
Power Cords
Disk Drive & Internal Power: Power, SATA & SAS, IDE / ATA, CD / DVD Audio, Floppy Drive
Keyboard / Mouse: PC, Mac
Video / Monitor: CGA/EGA, VGA, Premium S-VGA, Premium Gold S-VGA (Up to 50m), S-VGA BNC, DVI-D (Up to 10m), DVI-D Super Long Distance (Up to 25m), Fibre Optic DVI-D (Up to 100m), DVI-I (Up to 5m), DVI to VGA, HDMI to DVI
KVM: PS/2 Extension, PS/2 & SUN, For KVM Switch Classic 8, USB, KVM + Audio Combo
AV: Audio, Optical Audio (SPDIF), Composite & Component Video, S-Video, SCART, Premium Gold HDMI, HDMI, HDMI to DVI, HDMI Couplers & Port Savers, DVI-D, DVI -D Super Long Distance (Up to 25m), DVI-I (Up to 5m), DVI to VGA, DVI Couplers & Port Savers
Mobile Phone & PDA: Data Transfer, USB Charger
Network Patch Cables: Portable/Retractable, UTP CAT6, FTP CAT5e, FTP CAT6, Fiber Optic 50/125 Ám, Fiber Optic 62.5/125 Ám
Parallel: Standard, Enhanced (IEEE-1284)
Serial: RS-232, Apple Compatible
Telephone & Fax/Modem
USB: Type A to B, Type A to Mini-B, Type Mini-A to Type B OTG, Type Mini-A to Mini-B OTG, Extension, Digital Camera, Other
FireWire: 4 Pin to 6 Pin, 6 Pin to 6 Pin, 4 Pin to 4 Pin, 9 Pin Beta to 9 Pin Beta (FireWire 800), 6 Pin to 9 Pin Bilingual (FireWire 800), 4 Pin to 9 Pin Bilingual (FireWire 800), Repeater
Music Cables
SCSI: Internal, External, 50 <-> 68 Way
Bulk: UTP, Telephone
Connectors: 'D' Type, Mini DIN, Network, Telephone
Category: Adapters
PC Internal Power Adapters
Gender Changers & Port Savers
Keyboard & Mouse Adapters
Video / Monitor: VGA, DVI Adapters
AV: Audio, Audio / Video, SCART Adapters, HDMI Port Savers
Network Adapters
Serial Adapters
USB Adapters
FireWire Adapters
SCSI Adapters: Internal, Int. Terminator, Ext. Terminator
IDE / ATA / SATA Adapters, SATA to IDE converters
Telephone & Fax/Modem Adapters

Category: Cabling Tools & Testers
LAN & USB Cable Testers
Power Supply Testers
Crimp Tools
Computer Service Kits

Please browse our products to buy online networking and computer parts and accessories, or contact us for your free catalog or a quote.

Exclusive: HDMI Extenders over Fiber

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