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Cable Management Racks

LAN & USB Cable Testers, Power Supply Testers, Crimp Tools, Computer Service Kits

We offer cabling tools and testers, such as LAN & USB Cable Testers, Power Supply Testers, Crimp Tools, and Computer Service Kits.

Please see below some of the products we offer:

ATX Power Supply Tester with LCD Display
Compact and easy to use PSU tester with LCD screen!

This tester allows you to quickly and easily test a computer's ATX power supply. It features an LCD screen which clearly and accurately shows the voltage of the connected inputs. Its very compact size (about the same as an iPod Video) and sturdy aluminium case makes it perfect for use by both computer maintenance engineers and system builders.

LCD screen displays connected voltage
Accurate voltage indicator (+/- 0.1V) tests:
+12V1 / +5V / +3.3V / +5V / 5V Standby / +12V2 / -12V
20 Pin ATX PSU / 24 Pin ATX PSU
4P / 6P / 8P
5.25" type power / 3.5" type power / SATA power
Low voltage, over voltage and no voltage audio alarms
ATX PG (Power Good) value display
Low or high value PG alarm
Compact aluminium case: 126 x 63 x 17mm (WxDxH)

Universal Cable Tester
Test most commonly used computer cabling!

Portable, simple installation and operation
Quickly check open, shorted, crossed, miswired and continuity problems
Tests most combinations of 9/15/25 Way D, 15 Way HD D, BNC, RJ-45, Centronics (Male), USB and IEEE 1394 FireWire
Allows auto and manual scanning
Requires 9V PP3 battery (Part No. 84844 - not included)


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Exclusive: HDMI Extenders over Fiber

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